Adopted May of 2019, Steve was a lucky find for Zach and me. We had visited our local shelter to find another cat, but instead we ended with this cute boy! Steve had yet to be fully checked over by the shelter’s vet, so he wasn’t even available on their website yet. We fell in love with him instantly, stubby declawed paws and all. (If you’re interested in reading more about him, check out his Introduction page! And if you’re interested in learning more about why declawing is bad, check out this post!)

I chose him to be our proofreader for more reasons than him simply being the newest member. With his high energy and ability to hyper-fixate, he is an ideal candidate for zooming in on and correcting small, easily-missed errors. His biggest weakness is food, but we use snacks to keep him motivated and focused on work instead of chasing Jasmine around.