The interns are our editors-in-training that we work with until they find their permanent gig (as someone’s loving house cat). We currently have five interns, and three are still looking for their permanent position. They’ll be ready for their permanent positions starting anywhere from June 21st to August 19th.

If you’d like some more information about them, please contact us!

But if you know for a fact which one(s) you are interested in, please apply here.

There’s a fee of $80 per intern, just to help cover some of our costs from training them.


Tillie is the mama of this group, but she’s still young at around a year old. She came to our apartment three days before giving birth, and she’s been the sweetest girl ever since. There were no trust issues with us, and she’s content to be on her own with the kittens (or completely monopolize your attention while the kittens are sleeping or playing on their own).


Robbie is the fighter of the litter, since he’s almost always the one initiating play with his sisters. He was first-born and has been the biggest for his entire life, minus a few hours where Katrina was just a few grams larger. Excellent snuggler!


Lily is the baby of the litter, since she’s the one that makes us say “aw, baby” the most. Despite being the smallest up until a few days ago when she discovered solid food, she has the loudest voice. She likes to have attention, preferably while sitting in your lap. Lily has found her permanent position!


Cici is the explorer of the litter, since she was the first kitten to confidently explore out of the nest and continues to confidently lead her siblings to new places they can explore. She has the softest fur of her litter and is the most likely to pounce around your foot try playing with it. Cici has found her permanent position!


Katrina is the climber of the litter, since she figured out how to climb up a scratching board as well as pants legs before the rest. She still climbs faster than the rest, but she’s learning that legs are for rubbing against, not climbing up. Her favorite place to nap is on your leg, arm, stomach, or curled up right next to you. She would rather cuddle than play most of the time, so she has the chance to be an excellent lap-cat.

Group Photos

If we have a good picture that has more than one of the interns, you can find it down below!