Interns are our editors-in-training that we work with until they find their permanent gig (as someone’s loving house cat). We currently don’t have any interns or any positions available, but below is a gallery of our first cohort—the Tillie Beans!

Tillie Beans

The Tillie Beans came to us in the form of a heavily-pregnant Tillie adopting my parents, who then passed her on to Zach and me. We thought she still had two weeks to go, so of course it was a shock when three days later she was giving birth! Despite it being a first for everyone, in three hours we had four healthy kittens and an exhausted mama! Robbie was first-born and excels at snuggling when he’s done with his energy. Lily went from being a shy baby to more energy than expected for such a small bean. Cici was as confident as her fur was soft and kept true to the idea of Crazy Calicos. Katrina did the opposite of Lily, going from bursts of vertical energy to cuddly and shy. Even in their new homes, they (and their companions) are completing thriving!