The real power behind Fiction Felines is Diane (me!). Sorry to dispel the illusion of English-savvy cats, but all works are actually just edited by me. In case it isn’t too obvious, I love cats and words. My plan for this site is more than simply for posting and editing; when I foster cats, they will become interns until they find their forever homes.

I tutored at Sam Houston’s Writing Center for around two-and-a-half years, and my biggest project editorially was as a temporary editor for the Center of Community Engagement. I was also a Contributing Editor at Odyssey, but I tend to not talk about that time due to how the company is. Outside of official jobs, I have edited friends’ creative and academic works since middle school, written creatively since 3rd grade, and participated in (and usually won) National Novel Writing Month multiple times.

I graduated from Sam Houston in December of 2018 with a BS in Psychology, and I started my MFA the following January. Currently, I am taking a break from graduate school for health and financial reasons.