About Us

Fiction Felines serves two purposes: as a blog about the writing process, tips for editing, general things we find interesting about the English language, and information about cats as well as editorial services for short stories, novel excerpts, and practically anything else written in English.

This site started with the idea of writing a blog about creative works and cats, but I decided to make something even better: a blog about my cats, writing, editing, and offering my editorial services should anyone want them.

Main Staff

Executive Editor: Diane
From a young age, she knew she loved two things: cats and words. Despite everything that has tried to shake her away from both, she is still a cat-loving editor and decided that making her cats part of her freelance business is a great idea.

Senior Editor: Jasmine
Adopted into Diane’s family October of 2013, she immediately claimed Diane as her “human” and has followed her through college. She’s playful, vocal, and ensures the Executive Editor takes breaks.

Copyeditor: Steve
Adopted by Zach and Diane at the beginning of May 2019, he is the first cat Zach adopted and youngest Diane has dealt with in years. Jasmine doesn’t quite know what to do with his energy; he doesn’t seem to, either.

Support Staff

Accountant: Zach
Dragged into this by his cat-loving partner, he is finding that he may like cats as much as he likes dogs. He also likes dealing with numbers and money, which is why he’s the accountant.

Memorial to Past Staff

October 31st, 2008–February 11th, 2019
The loving girl that started Diane on the path of being a cat lady.