Back From the Dead (Again)!

To everyone that has stuck around from the inception of Fiction Felines to now, thank you for dealing with the constant and out of nowhere disappearances. While I don’t yet feel comfortable talking about what all has changed, I can comfortably and confidently say that I am in a new part of my life.

To people that have trickled in over the past few months, yes, Fiction Felines has an unfortunate history of suddenly not posting for lengths of time. It’s an issue I’m working on as I work on myself.

Currently, posts will only be coming out on Tuesdays. This post is an exception because it’s an announcement, which I prefer to not count towards my weekly post(s), and tomorrow is the first post of a series that I hope will be enlightening and entertaining.

If you follow Fiction Felines on Twitter (@FelinesFiction), you likely already know what this series is. If you don’t follow, consider following for extra updates off-site and more cat pictures.

While a post a week isn’t much, especially since I was aiming for three a week during the summer, my life is still in a pretty extreme state of flux. I also have a bad habit of biting off more than I can chew.

If you know me in real life, you likely already know about this cycle: I start many projects because I have an abundance of energy and excitement, manage it for a few weeks at most, feel overwhelmed by the amount I took on, drop everything I’ve been working on and maybe not talk to people, spend a few months beating myself up about letting it happen again, promise myself to be better, then regain the energy to try again.

It’s a bit of a vicious cycle, but I can always talk about that in a future post.

For now, I want to apologize for how unreliable my posts can be and start posting again with a schedule that, while lighter, will be easier to keep on top of. I also plan on having longer posts, so hopefully that will help offset the lower number of posts per week.

In some freelance-related news, I am actively looking for clients and am willing to discuss discounts as necessary. Prices for services will fluctuate while I decide on a rate that best fits my needs, so if you like the current cost, now is the best time before the price changes!

Chances are, the prices will increase as I find what is financially best, what my time is worth, and figure out how my work fits in with the rest of the freelance realm.

If you or someone you know are interested in a flexible editor with experience in academia and prose, check out our editorial services.

That should be everything! Thank you again for sticking around while I figure out who I am as an editor and writer, and please comment below if there’s anything specific you’re wanting to see!

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