Words of the Week for July 7th, 2019

Diane’s word for the week is folderol, which means “a useless ornament or accessory; a trifle.” This past week, she’s been sorting through her old accessories to find things she can sell. With the summer about halfway through, she’s been feeling the stress of less income.
“Selling the folderols around our apartment won’t bring us much, but it should be enough to comfortably get us through until our paychecks are back to full.”

Jasmine’s word for the week is ephemeral, which means “lasting a very short time; lasting one day only.” With Steve and Jasmine’s relationship still going from friendly to barely tolerating each other, she finds this word to be a good descriptor.
“My friendship with Steve is pretty ephemeral right now. I hope we can make it last a little longer than for a day at a time every couple of days.”

Steve’s word for the week is piffle, which means “nonsense, as trivial or senseless talk.” He doesn’t consider himself to do this; he thinks Zach and Diane do. After all, why shouldn’t he be allowed on the desk, the table, and the counters? Why can’t he go under the sinks?
“Everybody really should stop piffling about what they think I can and can’t do—clearly I can, otherwise I wouldn’t be doing it!”

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