Words of the Week for June 23rd, 2019

We apologize for the late Words of the Week! The past weekend turned into a bit of a cluster for Diane, which left her out of commission the majority of Sunday (which is usually when she writes these). We aren’t taking another unexpected hiatus, so don’t worry. The later posts this week will be on time.


Diane’s word for the week is pettifog, which means “to quibble over insignificant details.” With Jasmine and Steve showing more signs of being proper cat siblings, Diane is expecting to deal with more small squabbles. She’s already seen them both initiate a game of slap, usually because one bats at the other’s tail when they aren’t looking.
“I’ll absolutely take pettifogs over what we’ve been dealing with. I mean, what else are siblings for than to annoy each other, right?”

Jasmine’s word for the week is burble, which means “to speak in an excited manner.” The more comfortable she gets with Steve, the more vocal she becomes. It’s different than before him, though. She often doesn’t stop to listen to Zach or Diane, and she likes to do it in boxes, too. She used to hate boxes.
“Now that I get along better with my new brother, I can burble again! And he burbles with me!”

Steve’s word for the week is celerity, which means “rapidity of motion or action.” Even though Zach and Diane have been trying to train him out of it, Steve still likes to swipe at their food to get a taste. They’re fairly certain his previous owners allowed him human food because of how stubborn he is. No matter how cute he is, though, they aren’t going to allow it.
“If I move with more celerity, I’m sure I’ll be able to get some of their eggs one morning! Or maybe an apple slice. Or maybe another piece of croissant.”

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