We’re Back! And We Have a Special Announcement

Let me begin by apologizing for such a long and unannounced hiatus. These past few months were extremely hard, with grad school being rough to communication problems at work to Catarina passing. I had to drop something, and that something had to be working on this. It was an extremely tough choice, but a choice I felt was the best.

However, I have learned from that. Along with my luck hopefully returning to normal, I’ll be taking fewer hours next semester and now know what to expect from grad school.

Now, to that “special announcement.” If you happen to follow our Facebook page, you probably saw an announcement we made on the 7th. If you don’t follow us, we got a new cat! We love our new cat a lot, and there will be a post properly introducing him in the near future.

For now though, I want to use this post to announce that we are back to posting and actively accepting new projects to edit. I also want to change the schedule, both for my preference and because the summer means I have more time to post.

So until mid-August, the posting schedule is thus:

  • Words of the Week on Sunday at 5pm Central
  • Post on Tuesday at 10am Central
  • Post on Thursday at 10am Central

This schedule will absolutely change once the next college semester starts in mid-August, but for the summer this is the schedule I will be adhering to.

If you like getting updates through Facebook or Twitter, please check ours out! You can find our Facebook page here and our Twitter account here. Of course, you also have the option of signing up for email notifications.

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