Words of the Week for January 21st, 2019

Welcome to another Words of the Week with the staff of Fiction Felines! This week, the staff went through a book Diane’s dad gave her a few years ago—”Endangered Words” by Simon Hertnon—and picked the words they most enjoyed.

Diane’s word for the week is mancinism. It’s “the condition of being left-handed.” Coincidentally, it comes from Italian and Latin words that mean “infirm, lame, criple-handed” and other pleasant things that a lefty is. She picked this word because she’s left-handed and likes to learn new things about her left-handedness.

Jasmine’s word for the week is agathism. This is “the doctrine that all things tend toward ultimate good.” She likes to hope that all people are inherently good and all things that happen—good or bad—will eventually end in something positive. With today being Martin Luther King Jr. Day, she’d like to hope that this doctrine will be proven true.

Catarina’s word for the week is verbigerate. It means “to repeat a word or sentence endlessly and meaninglessly.” The term is typically used in medical terminology to describe a person’s symptom of being unable to say anything else. In this case, Cat has chosen the word because that’s her favorite to use when it comes to Jasmine.

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