Introducing the Staff

Currently, staff consists of myself (Diane, in the upper right), Jasmine (in the lower right), Catarina (in the lower left), and Zach (in the upper left). As we gain more staff, I’ll make an introduction post for them. For now though, let me introduce everyone we have!

introducing staff

I’m Diane, the girl in charge and only one that writes and edits. My three biggest loves, in no real order, are cats, editing, and writing. So this whole site? It perfectly meshes them. I get to pretend my cats are skilled writers and editors, work on my writing and editorial skills, and potentially make some side cash as a blogger and freelance editor. I’m from Spring, Texas and have lived in Texas my entire life. I currently go to grad school at Sam Houston State University as an MFA student. My reasons for continuing education? Going into the world with a bachelor’s degree in psychology isn’t the smartest move and Zach has a few more years left.

Zach is my partner and human calculator, and he studies accounting at Sam Houston as an undergrad. He’s almost two years younger than me, a lover of numbers, and the one that will have a stable job as I bounce around trying to find a good, stable place to work. He’s likely to continue on for a master’s degree right out of his bachelor’s, just like I did. He’s from the DFW area of Texas, and together we hope to travel the world before settling somewhere cold and fostering animals. He prefers dogs to cats, but I have turned him into a true cat dad nonetheless.

Our two cats are Jasmine and Catarina. Jasmine’s a six-year-old brown tabby that weighs only 7lbs; Catarina’s a ten-year-old brown/white tabby weighing in at a hefty 18lbs. Jasmine was abandoned in a box in a parking lot on a hot summer day and taken to a shelter; Catarina was bought from our mall’s pet store as a kitten. They have pretty different origins and different personalities, but we love them both the same.

Jasmine was a surprise for my family, since my mom fell in love with and brought her home without much warning. Unfortunately for my mom, Jasmine was afraid of anyone bigger than me, the smallest person in my family. I became her human, and she my guardian. She came with me to college once I moved into my own apartment, and we’ve been inseparable since. She loved Zach until she figured out we were dating and that he was stealing my time from her, but once she decided a second human meant double the pets she went right back to loving him. She has allergies, which costs a pretty penny every couple of months, but other than that she’s a perfectly happy kitty with an unnecessarily high energy level.

Catarina was my first cat, and she lives with us because she’s too much for my parents to handle. She’s obese, picky, and has cancer. Honestly, she just has specific needs that Zach and I have an easier time figuring out and catering to. She has some dog-like tendencies from living with a dog for her first year, but she has the loudest purr I have ever heard. She also has what I affectionately refer to as a “booger”—a brown coloration on her white mouth fur, right next to her nose. It’s been there since birth, and I think it’s the cutest thing. We don’t know how much time she has left, but she’s a happy cat that doesn’t let the cancer stop her from lounging around and climbing over our laps. So far, the biggest issue her cancer has caused is a large mass on her side.

2 thoughts on “Introducing the Staff

    • These two definitely do! Catarina just wants to be left alone, but all Jasmine wants is to be best buddies that run around together. It’s frustrating sometimes, but I much prefer this over a lot of other kinds of drama.


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