Words of the Week for January 14th, 2019

Welcome to the first Words of the Week! Every Monday, the staff will each pick a word that either embodies them, their emotions, or what they’re looking forward to this week.

Diane’s word for the week is recrudescence. It means “breaking out afresh or into renewed activity; revival or reappearance in active existence.” Her first week of graduate classes start this week, returning her to college life and a schedule of some kind.

Jasmine’s word for the week is scamper. It means “to run hastily or quickly” or “to run playfully about, as a child.” Her plan for this coming week is to do exactly this as she waits for Diane and Zach to come home from classes.

Catarina’s word for the week is convalescence. It means “the gradual recovery of health and strength after illness.” Her illness was acting up the past week with Zach out of town, but now that he’s home she’s hoping to regain her strength and appetite.

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